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Welcome to Adam Kun BMX.

Adam Kun is a pro bmx flatland rider from Budapest / Hungary and is riding flatland since 1998.

Before Adam discovered BMX riding, soccer was his favorite sport. In primary school he was in the sports team and soccer meant everything to him. Just like BMX flatland today.

At the end of primary school Adam met Gabor Pasztor and Attila Sarlósi. They introduced him to BMX flatland. From there Adam Kun started practicing tricks on his first bike without even knowing this sport existed. There was no Extreme Sport Channel, Eurosport and internet available to him at that time, so Adam had no chance to see a real BMX athlete.

After the first time he saw professional BMX rider he knew that this was what he wanted to become his future. So Adam kept his focus on riding his bike after school and soccer trainings. Adam finished high school and went to College and finally got a degree in social-pedagogy and graduated with distinction.

In the last couple of years things went well for Adams riding career so he took the chance to become a professional flatlander.
These days he rides BMX on a daily basis, travels a lot to ride at international contests and shows.

Adam travelled around the globe and went to countries like USA, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Japan, South Korea, and Trinidad just to name a few. Amazing people and riders were met and lots of them became real friends. Every trip gave Adam more and more experience, amazing moments and knowledge of a lot of different cultures.

These things would have never happened without flatland and that´s why BMX flatland is so awesome to Adam!

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