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Monthly Archives: February 2011

New tricks – New spot 0

Hello! After 3 years of non-riding winters, this year I found a good indoor spot finally! So, here is my new practice room and a new move,..more is coming soon! This was my first session with my brand new frame which feels awesome.

New Bike 1

Hello! Just came back from Paris, my new frame arrived and here is the built up bike. Im going to have a session tonite with the new bike…Let’s see what happens Click on the picture for the bigger size!

Circle Cow 12 photos 0

Yo..Here is some fresh picture from Circle Cow 12 by Stéphane Bar !

Khe A-damn 2012 0

“Here it is! Exclusive on Global-Flat -first photos of the new KHE A-Damn 2012 frame. In order to make the frame stronger and stiffer the design was changed to straight tubes. The tube walls are as thick as the ones used for street frames. Therefore the frame got a little heavier ( 1710g = 3.78lbs […]