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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Unseen pictures by Sevisual 0

The Machine

Ratyi.Szepy.Lego.Holp.Hulk.Kripton.Pscyho.Testes.Joda.Csurka.Kulos! 0

So today me and Tom went to Debrecen. I still feel sick so not much ride from me but the guys did a chill session even the wind was strong. Tomi made some pictures…Here you go! Csajozós Whip Jump to x-foottomahawk Dave and Ratyi Elhitte Hulk Holp Kripton Lego ( hangten to xfoot halfpacker ) […]

Just another day in the office… 0

Hey guys, My friend Tom just came to visit me and even im lil bit sick we still went to check my homespot. This was my first session at my homespot this year. After the indoor spot it felt too grippy so i have to get use to it again. Here is couple picture from […]

2 days in Debrecen 0

Yo, 2 days ago i visited my friends after the long winter! After 5 months it was the first session for me outside. We were really lucky because the weather was so nice and wasn’t too much basketballers on the spot so we rode as much as we could! I made 1 clip about Sepy […] megjelenés 0

A Studio-X független filmes csapat képalkotójával, Temesi Ádámmal még tavaly ősszel találkoztam és összehoztunk pár nagyon jó fotót, amiből most a kiválasztott 1-et és ez lett a hét képe! Köszi Ádám A képre kapcsolva megtaláljátok a cikket !!!

Iphone edit 2 views 0

Today i checked my second iphone edit which was uploaded a bit more than 1 month ago and the number of views is amazing ( more than 27.000 )! Thx for watching everyone ! Click on the picture for the video! Enjoy

Deep video from Camilo 0

Still don’t understand the results…seems to me they just checked how many mistake was in the runs ! Respect More BMX Videos