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Monthly Archives: April 2011

X to x 0

Yo guys, Here is another combo which i pulled yesterday at end of the session ( x foot mcircle to nosewheelie pedaling to x mcircle, the rest of the combo was freestyle ) Enjoy

So so relax :) 0

hey guys, Yesterday, at the end of my session I pulled a few relax combos, as I usually do and I filmed this one for You guys

Chill session at La Bastille 0

Sevisual just uploaded his newest video which was filmed In Paris at La Bastille spot after the Ninja Spin…Enjoy

Sunshine, friends, too many basketballers, video :) 0

Yo guys, Today i rode with my homies ( Krisz, Kerék ). Weather was so nice but we had too many basketballers on the spot. I was a bit bored so i filmed bunnyhop 360 tailtap to whip for you guys! I hope you like it!

Monster Whip drawing 0

Yo guys, Niko De Real just sent his latest drawing of me. ( Monster Whip ) Thank you, it’s fun!

France trip photos by Sevisual 0


Ninja Spin 2011 0

Yo guys, Just came back from the Ninja Spin today which was awesome. If you missed this one you missed an amazing contest. Big up to Alex Jumelin for the organization! Riders were from all over the world such as Japan, Canada, Holland, France, Czech Republic, Germany etc. I finished second behind Matthias which was […]