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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Vibration Urbanies 2011 0

Here is another nice edit of Vibration Urbanies contest where i got 2nd place. Enjoy

Reunion Island photos 0

The island …. In the Jungle The beach was amazing…i miss it Cocktails Hot summer at Reunion end of November… i wanna go back….RIGHT NOW In the mountains On the way to the Vulcano trip No words. it was beautiful! Sunset from the boat!

Reunion Island 0

Yo guys, Last night went down very well the show “contest” which was amazing. The floor was not the best but we tried our best on that. Public was very very cool and im enjoyed so much the event. Thx for the organizers! Reunion Island…. Check out this short video of the riding : ( […]

Bikecheck on 0

Check out my bikecheck on! Enjoy “While Adam Kun was in L.A. for X Games earlier this year we caught up with him to check out his KHE setup. However, right when he got back home to Hungary he built a new bike, so we tracked him down to take a look at that […]

Reunion Island trip 0

Im going to Reunion Island next week for doing a show and holiday. I will do a show over there with Daniel Dhers, Maxime Charveron, Raphael Chiquet and many others…Can’t wait to go there! Thanks BMX, im so f***ing stoked!

Global-Flat interview 0

Yo guys, Here is an other interview with me which made by Martin at Click on the picture for the interview. Enjoy!

Interview 0

Yo guys, Golopper .com had an interview with me on their recently launched website. Check out and enjoy! Click on the picture for the interview!