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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Official facebook athlete page 1

Yo guys, I know you are on facebook, so here is my official page. Go like it and share it! Thanks Click on the picture for the link to facebook!

Martti Kouppa 1

Needless to say that Martti gave so much to BMX flatland. He was ambitious, a real creator and a dominant rider. I always wanted to be like him when i was a kid. A motivator who showed that I have to walk my own line…create my own tricks and be succesful in contests and my […]

Offline Magazine Photo Issue 1

Yo guys, Here is the newest Offline magazine which is a special photo issue! Enjoy the picture Here is the video of the trick “Monster Whip” if you missed it : Enjoy

Rebel Jam highlights from VITALBMX 0

Yo guys, Usually in the highlights video you can see the best or top moves from the contests but in this one im in with my 6. place Hard Trick. There is not much Flatland in the video so im happy for it. Thanks and enjoy the video! 2011 Vans Rebel Jam Highlights – More […]

Rebel Jam 2011 Photos 0

Monster Energy at Rebel Jam 0

Im really happy i can to be part of this team and represent Flatland! Thanks Monster Energy

Rebel Jam flatland final combos 1

Here is the video from Fat Tony about the Rebel Jam flatland final. These are the pulled tricks and combos in the final from everybody. Im still very disappointed about my results but re-watching this video im happy what i pulled in the final. I did a lot mistake in the final but i don’t […]