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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Bikehall photos by Sevisual 0

Happy winner Huge crowd. Judges : Petr, Mike, Martin. David Hoffman, Me, Rayk Timemachine Whip to mccircle. Mike, Martin and me Focus Nohand to hitchhiker spin. Crossbar style spinning. Me and Dom. Fisheye.

1st place at Bikehall contest 2

I won the Bikehall contest in Czech Rebulic. Im so happy. Congrats to all Pro Final Results: 1st Adam Kun 2nd Kevin Nikulski 3rd Martin Drazil 4th David Hoffmann 5th Dominik Nekolny 6th Mates Tucek 7th Petr Bilek 8th Michal Kupec 9th Petr Hofman 10th Rayk Hahne Im very happy that i could pull bunnyhop […]

Show at Khe’s warehouse 0

Last weekend i was in Germany, Karlsruhe. This trip was all about the 2013 khe’s products presantation, visiting khe’s warehouse etc. and i did a small so also with Markus Reich and Sven Steinbach. It was a fun weekend! Thanks for KHEbikes and Markus Next weekend contest so i have to ride as hell!

BBQ and BMX jam 0

Tomorrow im going to Germany, Karlsruhe! I will visit the Khe’s warehouse and doing shows! Can’t wait to be there to ride and chill! See ya all

Tuke Cup pictures 0

2012 – Hungary, Pecs : Tuke Flatland Cup Photos by : Sevisual

1st place at Tuke cup 0

First hungarian flat contest in 2012 went down today at Hungary, Pecs (Peter Sarlos hometown). It was very good! Thanks to Peter Sarlos for the organization Congrats to all! Pro result top 3; 1st place Adam Kun 2nd place Peter Sarlos 3rd Domany Andris

Szeged easter pix 0