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Monthly Archives: May 2012

M2 Padtársat keresünk 0

Monster Energy Exams 2012 0

Yo guys, Few more days and im going to Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain. Can’t wait to be there! This event is gonna be super cool

MotoGp highlights video 0

Check out this highlights video of the MotoGp weekend! Im so happy that they put some flatland in this edit! Stoked! Enjoy it

MotoGp day 3 0

I had a very good flatland show today in front of a huge crowd at the MotoGP. They loved flatland but after the first show it started to rain so I couldn’t ride more. The rest of the day I went to hang out at the Monster Energy garage. I met Stephane Peterhansel and other […]

MotoGp day 2 0

Yo guys, Tomorrow is the qualifier day for MotoGp but today was crazy too! So many people were walking around, chill’n, drinkin etc. I did 1 show today on the stage next to the 2011 Dakar winner car! Tomorrow I will ride 3 shows and  the last show gonna be a crazy huge  Monster party […]

MotoGp 1st day 0

I just arrived to Le Mans today for doing flatland show at the MotoGp! This event is fucking EPIC! As you can see i got all V.I.P! Huge Thanks to Monster Energy From USA ? Monster Energy’s V.I.P stage Pitbike track for fun

MotoGp 0

Im invited to perform a flatland show at this year’s MotoGp in Le Mans, France. Im very happy that I can represent flatland. It’s gonna be super cool. Can’t wait the weekend!  Big thanks for Monster Energy for make this happen!