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Flashback of 2010


This is the end of the year, so here is a little lookback.
2010 started really good for us, my girlfriend and me visited Japan in January for two weeks. I rode at the BMX Flatland World Classics contest, entered with a “wild-card” means straight to the final. Since I didnt had an indoor spot that time, I wasnt practiced for months, so I was real happy with my 7th place in a hard contest with top riders.

Contest area,  organization was so professional at this contest. Respect for Yasu!

Sightseeing with Ucchie’s family and Matthias!  Tokyo Tower :)

Went home, didnt touch my bike another month then I went to France…first contest was in Caen, I won that, two weeks later Circle Cow 11. I stayed at Matthias’s place, thnx Bro!. Somehow Circle Cows are not my contests, I was there twice, first time my bike disapearred for 2 days, this year I had my worst injury since I’ve started riding, I splitted my taenia – thigh muscle – during the final,…I got 2nd.

Matthias looks like a wiseguy :)

Here is the video when I got injured…I hate to watch it

I had 3 months of painful physical therapy with some gymnastics at home. In May I went to France again, FISE time, I wasn’t 100% but still entered the contest. The floor was small and slippery, no real warm up with my healing leg. After a jump went bad, I was barely walking… It wasnt a good feeling. Finished 8th place and still injured.

Flew home, 3-4 weeks break then started to ride my bike again finally.

I got my signature bar (A-Blast) from KHE bikes, so me and Tom did a promo video for it.

My bikecheck video :

We organized a flatland jam in Debrecen with the help of my sponsors – KHE bikes n Velvart – to motivate the hungarian riders. It was a cool weekend, we jammed the whole day and give away bikeparts for everybody who showed up.

Video of the jam :

Just before the Bmx Masters Nike hooked me up with shoes…

Summer was great, BMX Masters at Cologne, Germany as usual – the biggest BMX event possibly. I had a good run at qualifying and in the final as well and I won the Masters after two 2nd and one 3rd place. I was so happy!

I did a lots of interviews to the main TV channels in Hungary (Rtl Klub, Tv2, M1, M1 Teadélután, ATV, EchoTV), newspapers (Blikk, Kelet-Magyarország, Metro) magazines (Nők lapja, CKM, Offline1, Offline2, Cream) on the net (, Sneakerbox,,Fundangoitw) … all over the media. I think it was very good for the sport too, lots of people discovered as real sport and got acquainted with flatland. I did lots of demos also.

After the Worlds Monster Energy started to sponsor me as their first pro flatlander which sounded unbelievable and still it is. :)

Monster painted my frame and here is the result:

Kicker started to support me with music equipments in October which is so cool! Thx Kicker!

After the summer break contests started again, Fieldcontrol at Portugal I got 2nd, than Urbanies Vibration in France got 2nd again, after that was Minden, Germany, the Flatland Fanatics contest by Sascha…got 2nd again.

In Hungary I won both the OSG at Budapest and Save the Sunshine contest in Pécs. The OSG is Hungary’s biggest extreme sports festival with thousands of people, skateboarders, break dancers, concerts in the heart of Budapest.

In December I flew to Sofia to represent Monster in Bulgaria. I did shows for some company people and had a really good party… the crowd loved the flatland demo! It was an awesome “end of the year” party for us.

About the videos:
We made many videos this year again. This is not consciously, new ideas just comes, and with my friend Tomi we decided… why not?

Thousands of people watched the videos during the year, Thank You everybody for that! Thnx for the positive comments and I hope I can motivate all of You in a way.

There is a cool flatland calendar for 2011 by Fat Tony. I have a double page poster inside, (photo by Attila Szabó) check it out! 2010 was eventful, if I missed something, sorry guys.

It’s my last post in this year so I wanna say BIG THANKS to my sponzors (Monster Energy, KHE Bikes, Kicker, Velvárt, Fundango, Nike) and to my family, my girlfriend, my friends and my haters also :)

Happy New Year!

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