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Ninja Spin 2011

Yo guys,

Just came back from the Ninja Spin today which was awesome. If you missed this one you missed an amazing contest. Big up to Alex Jumelin for the organization! Riders were from all over the world such as Japan, Canada, Holland, France, Czech Republic, Germany etc. I finished second behind Matthias which was pretty good because the floor was very slippery at the final. Right now we still in Paris just had a great session at La Bastille with Dub, Hiro, Ucchie, Matthias, Joris and some street riders. Tom filmed a lil video what you will see soon. Ohh yeah… the picnic was great Thx Raph ahaha

More pictures and mini web edit coming soon!

Final Pro result :

1. Matthias Dandois ( France )

2. Adam Kun ( Hungary )

3. Dez Marseen ( Holland )

4. Alex Jumelin ( France )

5. Jean William Prevost ( Canada )

6. Yohei Uchino ( Japan )

7. Moto Sasaki ( Japan )

8. Raphael Chiquet ( France )

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