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My Reality trailer

The official teaser for my new video project “My Reality” that showcases some of my best and most original tricks in a way that BMX Flatland has never been filmed before… Stay tuned!!

Nézd meg a új videóm a “My Reality”, hivatalos előzetesét, ami majd bemutatja a legdurvább és egyéni trükkjeimet ahogyan még sosem láthattad őket!


Megamax Tv commercial


A Megamax Tv csatorna uj kampanyanak arcakent lathattok a kovetkezo honapokban. A reklamot a Sport1, Sport2, Spektrum es a Megamax csatornajan kaphatjatok el vagy nezzetek meg a neten.

Vegyel reszt te is a Megamax jatekban es nyerj :

Hi to all,
This is my new project with Megamax Tv channel for the next 3 months. Here is the advert of the Megamax campingn which is running on 4 different Tv channel. So stoked to be part of this and I can represent bmx in TV to millions.


Monster Energy’s Exams report

This is the biggest national park and flatland contest in the Caribbean organized by Trevlon Hall. Riders showed up from Jamaica, Aruba, St.Martin and Trinidad and Tobago. Monster Energy’s team riders (Pat Casey, Nicholi Rogatkin and me) were invited for doing shows and judge the contests. We did some flatland and park demos at several local schools and shopping malls also. People went crazy over there because it’s not often see action like that. We also gave inteviews for local Tv stations and radio channels. Besides the demos we had a great time at the beautiful Maracas beach where we ate some local special food called Bake and Shark! Thanks Trevlon Hall and Monster Energy for make this happen! We can’t wait to go back again! See you next year. Officaial video is coming soon! Stay tunned ;)

Photos by Sevisual

Nicholi is on fire!

Pat chillin at Maracas Beach.




Trip to Romania

Last weekend i went to Romania (Bucharest, Brasov) for doing shows at Monster Energy’s launch party! I had so much fun over there! Thanks for Monster Energy ;)   Short video is coming soon about the trip!


Budapester Zeitung

Hi to all,

I got a full page article in the Budapester Zeitung newspaper! ( In German language )


Click on the picture and u can read it!


Kiev trip video by Monster Energy

Monster Energy just posted my new video about my trip in Ukraine, Kiev! Stoked ;)

Watch it share it an let me know what you think. Enjoy ;)


Studio photos from Kiev

Yo guys,

2 weeks ago I had a great photoshooting at the F-Star studio in Ukraine, Kiev! Here is the result ;)

Photos by Serge Illin